Summary of the Shiter Bou story: On a cold winter day, the husband and wife are at odds. The Husband can’t sleep in the cold like the Wife, who tries to find solutions. One day, as time passes and the weather gets warmer, the husband unreasonably insults his wife. Although the wife understands the husband’s infidelity, her tolerance and love prevent her from seeing him as a culprit. Eventually, they reconcile, finding peace in their relationship. The story showcases resilience, humanity, and the power of love, depicting a natural change and restoration in their relationship, and offering an example of resilience in human connections.

Presenting the official drama of Eagle Team’s “Shiter Bou” Script Written Sulyman Directed by Eagle Team. Produced by Kachi Ahmed.

Drama: Shiter Bou | শীতের বউ
Script: Sulyman
Cast: Iftekhar Ifti, Maya, Rafi, Moni, Rezvena Moushumi, Harun Mama, Firoz Khan
DOP: Roni
Edit: Anik Islam
Color: Md. Badhon
Background Score: Mahmudul Hasan Romance
Produced By: Kachi Ahmed

শীতের বউ নির্বাচন নাটক —
Post: Eagle Creative House
Label: Eagle Music™


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