In today’s story “Rakhal Chele,” a shepherd boy is deeply devoted to Islam. His parents tragically lost their son, who was especially close to his aunt. However, the aunt does not treat the boy as her child. Despite this, the protagonist, a heroine in this horror tale, loves her cousin dearly, much to her mother’s surprise. One day, when the shepherd’s aunt begins to mistreat him, he becomes angry and refuses to eat the food provided by the household. However, his family’s honor cannot be fully restored, as he remains steadfast in his dedication to Allah, who protects him from all troubles. When thieves steal the family’s cow in the absence of the shepherd, leading to his demise, his family casts him out. However, Allah’s care for his humble servant becomes evident when a kind-hearted buyer looks after him while purchasing cows. Through this story, we understand that no one is beyond Allah’s guidance and protection, as He watches over all His creations.

Presenting the official drama of Eagle Team “Rakhal Chele” Script Written Sumon Reza Directed by Eagle Team Produced by Kachi Ahmed.

Drama: Rakhal Chele | রাখাল ছেলে
Script: Sumon Reza
Cast: Rafi Islam Sourov, Jannatul Mawa, Zakir Sentu, Anjum Ara Nishi, Kamruzzaman Rana, Harun Mama, Forhad Ahmed, Babu, Nibir, Tonusir
DOP: Noyon Molla
Edit: Anik Islam
Color: Junayed
Background Score: Ahsan Habib Chobi
Produced By: Kachi Ahmed

রাখাল ছেলে নাটক —
Post: Eagle Creative House
Label: Eagle Music™

Rakhal Chele© 2024 Eagle Music


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