Summary of the Goriber Bou 5 story: This story indicates a societal problem, where various disparities are showcased. It suggests that despite living together, there’s an inequality present. Can you imagine why such differences exist, or what behavior or issues might lead to this disparity? These questions depend on people’s perceptions.
Observing societal disparities might make us feel disheartened, yet addressing these issues can offer help and support. Without proper assistance and support, these disparities might persist and lead to further problems.
It’s possible to raise awareness and identify problems through stories like these. Consciousness about social justice is vital, and taking a two-pronged approach is necessary to eliminate these disparities.

Presenting the official drama of Eagle Team’s “Goriber Bou 5” Script Written “Sulyman” Directed by Eagle Team. Produced by Kachi Ahmed.

Drama: Goriber Bou 5 | গরিবের বউ ৫
Script: Sulyman
Cast: Iftekhar Ifti, Afreba Khan Mumu, Aditi Zaman Sneha, Lipu Mama, Moni, Rezvena Moushumi, Anjum Ara Nishi, Shibli, Firoz Khan, Harun Ar Roshid, Forhad, Eshika Shinjon Sharoj, Tufan, Emon, Sumon Shah
DOP: Johir Rayhan, Noyon Molla
Edit: Anik Islam
Color: Junayed
Background Score: Mahmudul Hasan Romance
Produced By: Kachi Ahmed

গরিবের বউ ৫ নাটক —
Post: Eagle Creative House
Label: Eagle Music


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