In today’s story of “Dui jayer Lorai”, the play revolves around a family with two brothers and two wife. Post-marriage, the brothers find themselves weary of the constant strife between their respective wife. Eventually, a confrontation with villagers escalates, leaving the brothers desperate to find a resolution. In a moment of inspiration, they devise a novel approach to marriage, seeking to impart valuable lessons to their brides. The underlying message becomes clear – through collective effort and understanding, conflicts can be avoided, paving the way for harmony and happiness.

Presenting the official drama of Eagle Team “Dui Jayer Lorai” Script Written Shaheen Akter Swati Directed by Eagle Team. Produced by Kachi Ahmed.

Drama: Dui Jayer Lorai | দুই জায়ের লড়াই
Script: Shaheen Akter Swati
Cast: Sabuj Ahmed, Mosaddik Shahin, Maya, Mahi, Nibir
DOP: Noyon Molla
Edit: Anik Islam
Color: Junayed
Background Score: Ahsan Habib Chobi
Produced By: Kachi Ahmed

দুই জায়ের লড়াই নাটক —
Post: Eagle Creative House
Label: Eagle Music™

Dui Jayer Lorai© 2024 Eagle Music


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